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Love for Landon

Meet Landon: an energetic 10 year-old who loves his parents, step-brother, friends, school, all animals, especially dogs, swimming, and of course running track and cross-country.

In early March, Landon went to school feeling fine but as the day progressed he started to feel ill. He went home and while resting, he suffered a series of seizures. He was transported to the hospital, sedated, and intubated; he spent the next 6 days in the pediatric intensive care unit, and returned home with a diagnosis of an unknown virus.

At the end of May, Landon was found having a focal seizure with weakness and facial drooping. He was unable to respond, and was taken to the hospital for treatment. After more tests, scans, and MRIs, many diagnoses were being considered but none were given. He was referred to the Cleveland Clinic, with a first available appointment in mid-June.

Just a few short days before Landon and his parents were set to drive to the Cleveland Clinic, he woke up disoriented and was transported back to the hospital. Landon was retaining carbon dioxide and having seizure activity, he was again sedated, intubated, and sent to the PICU. It was decided a direct transfer to the Cleveland Clinic was now necessary, and the PICU team was able to arrange a medical flight with a transport team from Chicago to Cleveland.

In Cleveland, finally the Dragicevich family received an inconceivable diagnosis, Landon has brain cancer. A Grade III brain tumor, Anaplastic Astrocytoma, affecting only 1-3% of all pediatric patients, roughly 50 kids a year. Surgery in Landon’s case is unfortunately not an option. He will however, begin chemo and radiation therapies in the coming weeks. Landon’s family has watched him suffer through this unthinkable process, enduring: 4 spinal taps, 3 MRIs, countless head/chest/abdominal x-rays, numerous CT scans, multiple EEGs, and more blood draws than any child should ever have to go through.

Please consider helping this phenomenal little boy and his family during an unexpected time in their lives. Donations will go directly to the Dragicevich family.

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